Quantum Phenomena Modeled by Interactions between
Many Classical Worlds [1]

Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of
the requirements for the degree of:

Master of Fine Art

Writing tutor: Lisa Robertson
Tutorial support: Jan Verwoert and Liesbeth Bik
Course director: Vivian Sky Rehberg

Piet Zwart Institute
Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Hunter Longe
June 2015


The following 7 sections contain writing on art, imagination and contemporary physics. I discuss a recent series of my own works in relation to extra dimensions; I share notes and a transcription of a pseudo-experiment; I discuss the role of imagination in a science of the invisible; I define quantum mechanics and the philosophical issues that arise when working at such a scale; I explain the double-slit experiment and address interpretations of the phenomena it reveals; I fabulate a sci-fi vignette; and finally I think with Susan Sontag, Isabelle Stengers and Christian Bök about the shared history of art and science in the face of capital. These sections can be read in the order they appear or the order of your choice.

[1] Subtitle taken from Hall, Deckert, and Wiseman’s 2014 paper of the same title.

Table of Contents

Vanishing Exercise
Through a Double Slit
No Dreams, No Logic
Erotics of Art and Science